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                   The Kingdom of Amethonia was founded under the House of Brownburg 

(Article From  The Crown Council) 



What to know about Amethonia


The Kingdom of Amethonia is a noble micro national kingdom that is dedicated to helping people all over the world. Amethonia respects the human right to live a peaceful and healthy existence.  Amethonia believes that modern-day chivalry is still very much alive. As such Amethonia opens its citizenry to persons of all nationalities who strongly desire to make a meaningful contribution to humanity.  His Majesty King Ernest Emmanuel 1st, Sovereign of Amethonia, embraces and recognizes citizens, as well as non-citizens for their selfless contributions, efforts, and compassion towards others in need.  The sovereign also recognizes achievements in science, agriculture, leadership, technology, humanitarian,(including acts of bravery in the rescue/ protection of others).  The sovereign also rewards humane, (animal rights, rescue, and protection). Extraordinary efforts to achieve peace and harmony with the world.  




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 Micro Kingdom

H.R.M. Emmanuel 1st, King of Amethonia and Grand Prince of Brownburg






   Adorate Deum diligere Coronae, quoad populo

 (Worship God, love the crown, respect the people). 



The Amethonian Lion