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About the King


By the devine will and grace of God; His Royal Majesty Ernest Emmanuel von Brownburg Amethoni1st,  (aka, King Emmanuel) Sovereign of Amthonia, Grand Prince of Brownburg and founder of the realm.


Titles, Styles, Ranks, and Offices of the Sovereign

  *  His Royal Majesty

 *  King of the Amethonians

 *  Head-Of-State of the realm of Amethonia

 *  Chief Executive of the Realm

 *  Thee Supreme Justice of the realm of Amethonia

 *  Commander-in-Chief of the Defense Forces 

 *  Earthly Head of the Church of Amentonia and Holy Defender of the Faith

 *  Sovereign (Fons Honorum) of the Orders

 *  Champion Protector of the Amethonians 

 *  Grand Prince of Brownburg

 *  Lord of the House of Brownburg

  The Personage of His Royal Majesty is deemed sacrosanct (sacred, and revered)


  The Royal Cypher      



The King's  motto; "cum enim dii gerunt Auxilium" (With God's help I carry on) 



Some of  The Kings Favorites:



                 Akhal Teke                                             Arabian                                                               Lipizzaner




Belgian Shepherd ( Sheep dog) 



Forest Green, and Gold


Gardenia, and Colius


Rasberry Iced Tea